Kaleen Bhaiya himself told release date of 'Mirzapur 3'!!!

Every day the makers are sharing some update for the audience waiting for Mirzapur 3. Recently, amazon Prime Video shared a picture on instagram and asked to find its release date. At the same time, now 'Kaaleen Bhaiya' himself has talked about the release date. Prime Video has shared a video on Instagram. In this, pankaj tripathi sitting on a chair is talking about the release date of Mirzapur 3. Let us tell you that pankaj tripathi has played the role of Kaleen Bhaiya in the Mirzapur series. Once again he is ready to entertain the audience through Mirzapur 3. He has told that for this one will not have to wait till September.

What is in the video?

What pankaj tripathi is saying in the viral video is not heard properly after a while. He says that if it is about Mirzapur then the decision is ours and will be ours only. After this, the actor starts telling its date. However, at that time the sound of bullets starts coming in the background. Due to this, what the actor is saying is not heard properly. The caption of the post on instagram reads, "Kaaleen Bhaiya has made arrangements, listen carefully." Pankaj is saying a lot in the video. But nothing can be heard clearly due to the sound of bullets. However, social media users have read the actor's lips and found out the release date.

Fans told different dates

Some fan has said that Mirzapur will come on june 3 only. So someone has said that it can be released in July. However, no one knows what the truth is. A user has commented, "What a good way to announce... It is July 5, in the 55th second Kaleen Bhaiya is saying "The date will be five and the month is July" Just pay attention and watch it for yourself, and be happy for Mirzapur". One user wrote, "Kaalin Bhaiya is still on the car."

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