Son Jeh got angry on making a video of Kareena, reacted like this after seeing the paparazzi

Recently a video of bollywood actress kareena kapoor is going viral on social media, in which her son Jeh is seen with her. At the same time, Jeh is seen getting angry at the paparazzi.

Kareena Kapoor, Jeh Ali

Bollywood actress kareena kapoor has two very cute sons. Jeh ali Khan and Taimur ali Khan are one of the most loved star kids of Bollywood. Whenever both of them go out, the paparazzi are also seen behind them. At the same time, now a video is going viral on social media, in which Jeh can be seen getting angry. In this video, Jeh is seen giving a very angry look towards the paparazzi. The viral clip has been shared on social media by instagram page Viral Bhayani. In this clip, Jeh and Kareena can be seen returning home. Kareena is holding Jeh's hand. During this, the actress is seen wearing open hair, orange shirt and white trousers. At the same time, in the viral clip, people's attention was more on Jeh than Kareena. Actually, Jeh is seen staring at the paparazzi. After the video went viral, fans are also reacting to it. Also read- kareena kapoor Khan's troubles increased, got legal notice in the matter related to 'Pregnancy Bible'

Commenting on this video, a user wrote - He is staring at people, don't look at my mother. At the same time, another wrote - the way Jeh baba is staring at the paps. The third wrote - Aajaate hain muh utha ke photo lene. He keeps lying in the compound, giving a type of look to the camera. Another user said - He is saying respect the crazy fool, don't stoop so low for money. I am a child, leave me alone with some privacy.

This is why the elder son was named Taimur

At the same time, let us tell you that last year during a program with Express Adda, Kareena talked about her elder son. She told why the elder son is named Taimur. She said that - When we were thinking about the name, Saif really said that he grew up with a neighbor friend and he always liked his name and his name was Taimur. So he said, you know, if I had a son, he was my first friend. I would like to name him Taimur and that's exactly how the name Taimur was chosen, because he was Saif's first friend when he was living here in the city. We looked at it and it means iron, and I said if I have a boy, I always want him to be strong like iron Man.

Kareena was also trolled for naming Jeh

Kareena and Saif welcomed their second son Jeh i.e. Jehangir ali Khan in the year 2021 and they again faced trolling for naming their son after the fourth Mughal emperor Jehangir.

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