Youth beaten to death for sending obscene messages to actress..!!

Darshan, who is a leading mass actor in the kannada film industry, has been arrested in a murder case which has created a sensation. Darshan is a leading actor in the kannada film industry. He has his own fan base in the state of Karnataka. As much as he is famous, he is also embroiled in controversies. Darshan was already arrested and later released after his wife Vijayalakshmi filed a complaint that he was having an inappropriate relationship with actor Nikki Tughrel and beat her up to find out about it. Now Darshan has been arrested again. But this time Darshan is caught in a murder case and arrested. Renuka Swamy from Chitradurga, who was working in the medical field, was murdered mysteriously on june 9 and her body was found in a canal in Kamalshilbaya area.
Later, the police recovered Renuka Swamy's body and it was admitted to the hospital for post-mortem examination. After the postmortem, it was revealed that Renuka Swamy was beaten to death. Later, two persons surrendered in the Renuka Swamy murder case and claimed that they had committed the murder. They said that they killed her due to money problem. But when the police came to know that there was something mysterious about it, when they launched a serious investigation to find out who did the murder, it was revealed that Renuka Swamy had sent obscene messages to actress Pavitra Kelada through online. Subsequently, actress Pavitra Keluda also got caught in the ring of investigation. Later, it was found that he was murdered by a man because he sent an online message and tortured him. Darshan is close to actress Pavitra. The police arrested actor Darshan from his farmhouse in mysore and then produced him in a Bengaluru court and sent him to jail. This issue has created a sensation in the kannada film industry.

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