'Yeh Rishta...' fame going through a difficult phase…

The popular tv show 'Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai' is one of the longest running tv shows. This serial has been running since 2009 and still has a lot of fans. The stories of four generations have been shown in this show and every story has been liked by the people. In the first generation, Hina Khan and karan Mehra were in the roles of Akshara and Naitik. Their story was heart touching.

'Yeh Rishta...'s 'Daddaji' on the verge of poverty

'Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai' also featured Sanjay gandhi in the role of 'Dadda ji'. He was praised for his acting in the show. Sanjay gandhi was recently seen in Hiba Nawab and Krushal Ahuja starrer 'Jhanak'. Recently, the actor revealed that he is going through a difficult phase. Talking to ETimes, he said that 'he is struggling and the life of an actor is like this.' He said, 'When they work everything is good, but when there is no work they are facing a lot of trouble. Despite being a part of the popular show 'Jhanak' they are going through this phase.' Sanjay gandhi says that he is struggling to pay his rent. Currently he is waiting for his track in 'Jhanak' to resume.

No work given after 20 days in 'Jhanak'

Sanjay gandhi said, 'When I joined Jhanak I was told to work for 20 days, after that I was told that there will be a break and you will be called back. However, it has been 9 months so far, I have neither been called back nor given any information about it. I have waited a lot for my track to reopen. I have not heard from them since May. If they did not need me they could have told me. I could have taken up another project.' Talking about his struggle, the actor said, 'I need money to sustain myself in the city and I have no other source of income. Many actors struggled during the Corona epidemic and I too had exhausted my savings at that time. I live in a rented house in Andheri and am borrowing money from my friends to pay my rent. I am on the verge of mortgaging my house in Mira Road. I am in dire need of money and I have to start a new project. So a few days ago I left Jhanak and I hope something good will happen soon.'

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