Jahangir National university Review: A Political Drama of Campus Conflict And Ideological Clashes

Jahangir National university Review: Vinay Sharma's directorial delves into the anti-national activities at a prestigious university in India's capital city.


The story centers around krishna Kumar (Atul Pandey), the president of the Left-Wing student association at Jahangir National university in Delhi. His team includes saira Rashid (Shivjyoti Rajput), a powerful student leader with staunch communist beliefs.

On the opposite side, a different student association is led by Saurabh Sharma (Siddharth Bodke). It comprises members such as richa sharma (Urvashi Rautela) and baba Akhilesh Pathak (Kunj Anand), who are fervent supporters of nationalism and the Hindu right wing. Both student associations receive backing from prominent national political parties.

Krishna Kumar and his left-wing group engage in several anti-national activities on campus, using different slogans. This is where the real plot twist begins. The climax holds the true essence of the narrative, making it essential for viewers to watch the movie to discover the outcome.


Atul Pandey as president of the Left-Wing student association delivers an outstanding performance as krishna Kumar. Equally impressive are Siddharth Bodke and Shivjyoti Rajput, whose incredible performances have left audiences in awe. The supporting cast, including Kunj Anand, urvashi Rautela, ravi Kishan, piyush Mishra, Vijay Raaz, rashami desai, and Jennifer Piccinato, also gave a bearable performance.


The music, composed by Aehmad Najeem, Vijay Verma, and Saarnash Maide, is good, although it doesn't play a significant part in this drama-thriller.


The film boasts a blend of drama, action, passion, emotions, betrayal, love, and entertainment, but despite that, it does not succeed in holding the audience's attention till the end. Although it is based on true events to some extent, it fails to bring forth the essence of it.

Rating: 3/5 stars.

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