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Post the success of his directorial Venture Mahanubhavudu, director Maruthi is back with a production venture, as is his habit to encourage young makers by producing their flicks. This time around he's joined with Director Chinni Krishna, for London Babulu, starring debutant Rakshit and Colors Swathi. Here's team AP Herald's exclusive FDFS review of London Babulu.

Gandhi (Rakshit) and his friend (Sathya), both from the same village aspire to go to London, to get financially stable and settle their debts. However, while Sathya gets visa clearance, Gandhi has to stay back, and in the meanwhile gets a job with a theatre group lead by Murali Sharma. However, when he gets to meet a girl with the same name Suryakantham (Swathi), he had faked as a spouse, he convinces her to act as his wife. What happens to Gandhi's London dreams, what happens to Sathya, whether Gandhi and Suryakantham fell in love and whether Gandhi revealed the truth finally is what the hilarious London Babulu is all about.

Debutant Rakshit plays Gandhi, a calm guy with an aspiration, but his amateurish act in almost every sequence mars the impact and makes the audience unable to connect with the actor. Rakshit has a long way to go in terms of expressions. Colors Swathi is natural, and though her role is minimal, she amazes with her performance towards the climax. Sathya gets a good scope as he travels with Rakshit throughout the movie, and to our relief, evokes genuine laughs. The rest of the cast including Sathya Krishna, Ali and Raja Ravindar are just apt.

Background score by K is impressive, and of the songs, Babu job Vachera and Ekkada Ekkada pass the muster. Sam K Naidu's Cinematography captures the essence of London Babulu perfectly. Uddav SB's editing could have been taut, as the movie drags big time despite being a remake.Director Chinni Krishna has got a very safe beginning to his career, having obtained the remake rights of the 2016 Superhit Tamil flick Aandavan kattalai. However, his biggest mistake has been Casting, as Rakshit the debutant, fails to not just match the charm and natural performance of Vijay Sethupathi in the original, but also delivers an act filled with fear and lack of confidence to face the camera. 

Besides, Aandavan kattalai was totally a script that won, thanks to its humorous treatment of a very serious issue, and it's backbone has to comedy and the chemistry between the hero and comedian. However in London Babulu, while Sathya keeps scoring, Rakshit just fails to emote , making the scenes fall flat. Despite trying to be a faithful remake of Aandavan kattalai, this film works only in parts thanks to Sathya's comedy and the performances of the supporting cast including Ali, Dhanraj and Sathya Krishna. All said, London Babulu is a can watch if you hadn't watched the original.

Swathi,Rakshith,Chinni Krishna,Maruthi,KA one time watch only for the occasional humor.

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