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The third film in the franchise that began in 2003 with Koi... Mil Gaya continued forward with Krrish (2006), Krrish 3 will take forward the story of the superhero Krrish. Movie starts with Rohit Mehra (Hrithik Roshan) working on a project that delivers life to a dead being.

Krrish (Hrithik) and Priya (Priyanka Chopra) continues their happy married life in the same house with father Rohit. Meanwhile, Kaal (Vivek Oberoi) lives on a motto “Darr ka business best business” and plotting ways to destroy humanity. Similar to Professor X in X men belted to chair due to bone marrow problem. From his DNA and Animal DNA Kaal creates mutants like Kaaya (Kangana Ranaut) and gang. With his blood he creates a virus that creates an outbreak in Mumbai.

Before Mehra creates an antidote people start dying in front Krrish. Mehra finds a way to create an antidote by testing on his blood. Will Krrish save Mumbai from viral epidemic? Will Mehra succeed in creating an antidote? How Krrish finds the super powerful Kaal and restores the peace in Mumbai forms the rest of the crux of the story.

There are only few actors in the Bollywood who could have pulled it off like Hrithik has done. Watching him doing the stunts is treat. He has it in him to make an impression with his triple shaded characterisation as Rohit Mehra, Krrish and Krishna.

Vivek Oberoi reminds us of Pattrick Stewart - Ian McKellen in X Men and fails to arouse the pulse as a baddie. Priyanka Chopra has an unsubstantial role as Priya. No big opportunity for her on the screen.

Kangana as Kaaya recalls us of Rebecca Romijn (Mystique) in X Men and her characterization goes on the same lines of Selina (Anna Hathaway) in The Dark Knight Rises. Asif Basra (Dr. Sen) and Rajpal Yadhav makes their presence felt.

Trilogy are so hard to get right because not only do you have to top the first film, you have a second film to better as well. By the time it comes to a third part, ideas for plots and character development are bound to be waning, especially if there is no prior source material to rely on.

Nobody wants to see the same film a third time, so pressure is on the makers to deliver an exciting entry into a franchise. In Krrish 3 the masked superhero comes head to head with with a dark force, an evil genius who is spreading fear across the world.

This Mumbai-centric movie has been captured in the shades that are very routine. If major pulse in Hrithik, the movie drags in the second half leaving the audience in the stagger. Who have seen films like Bryan Singer’s X Men, JJ Abrams’s Star Trek into the Darkness, Zack Snyder’s Man Of Steel and Matrix.

Red Chillies VFX, a subdivision of Shah Rukh's motion picture production banner Red Chillies Entertainment, worked on the special effects worth Rs.26 crore for Krrish 3. The major special effects were purely inspired from films like Man of Steel, Transformers Dark Side of the Moon and Skyline. Red Chillies entertainments purely fails in developing promising effects for Krrish 3.

Rakesh Roshan contrary to popular belief about there being two antagonists in the film played by Vivek Oberoi and Kangana Ranaut, there are in fact a total of six villains that our Indian superhero has to compete with in the movie. And that's not all. Their names and appearances are ominously similar to superhero characters that have appeared or will appear in past and future Marvel superhero films. Cheetah - woman, Antman, Kaya, Kaal, Rhinoman and Striker. Pretty sleazy names if I'm honest.

For the record, Kaya and Kaal reminds us of Mystique and Professor X/Magneto, Cheetahwoman looks like a character from the popular cartoon Thundercats, Antman is an established Marvel superhero with a film already in production, Rhino is an established villain that appears in Spider-Man and will be played by Paul Giamatti in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Spiderman and Striker is a character that has appeared in X-Men 2. So much for originality then.

The Cinematographer tried to use the tactics used by John Schwartzmanin in The Amazing Spiderman & Bill Pope in The Matrix. Editor Chandan Arora might have been in stunned mode while editing and forget to scissor some unnecessary scenes. This is a movie with 152 minutes of running time, it really felt so long.

The whole thing was repetitive, irrational, and maddening. The characters were all annoying, and the generally unknown actors who portrayed them were so hammy in their acting. The music of the film by Rajesh Roshan though hasn't really caught on. Even BGM score reminds of Hans Zimmer tunes. Production values are grand.

The film's initial trailers and music are anything but not impressive and the effects look cheesy, but Hrithik has pulled it out the bag in the past with the film's previous instalment. With Trilogy however, makers see the potential for huge box-office returns and the bottom line is often the reason Trilogies get made. Nobody decided to finance Krrish 3 on the basis that it was going to revolutionise Indian cinema after all.

Rakesh Roshan character designs and plot seem ominously similar to Hollywood superhero films that have released in the recent past, which begs the question that in a day and age, when audiences across India have easy access to these foreign films, will they accept a film that seems to have plagiarised these elements and stuffed them in a film. Superhero films will always have an element of flakiness in them, because it’s in their very aesthetical, but Krrish 3 is so bad it could be mistaken for International-parody.

Hrithik Roshan,Priyanka Chopra,Kangna Ranaut,Vivek Oberoi,Rakesh RoshanK-rrish has nothing to Che-rrish.

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