Reportedly a 74 year old, Mangayamma gives birth to twins and this unbelievable incident took place in East Godavari district in Andhra Pradesh. Meanwhile the couple, Yerramatti raja Rao and Mangayamma got married in 1962 and since then, they have remained childless. Furthermore after discovering that they could not have a child due to infertility issues, the couple began visiting hospitals for the treatment. Recently the couple gave birth to twins through IVF method after trying unsuccessfully for 56 years and they praised Uma Shankar, who is a doctor in Guntur IVF hospital, and said that he took meticulous care and attention in their case.

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Furthermore Mangayamma did not have diabetes and blood pressure issues and also, the couple seemed physically fit to which doctor too agreed for the process. Further since menopause has hit her already, they began treatment with donor eggs and the results were seen immediately in the first cycle itself. Conceiving in January this year, the old couple was extremely happy to hear the news.

Earlier on September 5, at 10.30 am, the couple has been blessed with twins via C-section. 
Moreover Doctor Uma shankar said that it is a world record as she successfully gave birth at 74 years of age. Hence after losing hope of having a child, the couple is now soaked in immense happiness and joy.

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