Rahul gandhi also excels at swimming and diving!!!

The Bharat Jodo yatra of rahul gandhi has reached its final stage. In the midst of terrorist activities in Jammu and Kashmir, their security system has also been kept tight. The congress Party has been very enthusiastic about this visit. During this, the different political qualities of rahul gandhi have also come to the fore. Sometimes he was seen dancing, sometimes playing football with children and in Kerala, he even did swimming in the sea.

Rahul gandhi also told during an interview that not only can he do scuba diving in the sea, but he can also hold his breath underwater. Earlier, rahul gandhi had never said anything special on this issue. Regarding scuba diving, rahul gandhi said, "When I was in Florida, I was an amateur instructor," adding that he can do both diving and swimming easily.

How long can rahul gandhi hold his breath in water?

Rahul gandhi has told that one can live by holding one breath underwater. When he was asked that for how long he is able to do this, he said that if he continues to practice scuba diving, he can stay underwater for a long time by holding his breath, but at this time he has no special interest in it. There is no practice due to which they will not be able to do this for a long time.

Rahul gandhi also knows martial arts

Apart from this, rahul gandhi has told that he is also a black belt in martial arts in Aikido, which is very popular in 140 countries of the world including Japan. He has told that he used to do boxing as well and used to beat the opponent in that too. 

Bharat Jodo yatra continues in Jammu and Kashmir

At present, this visit of rahul gandhi has reached Jammu and Kashmir. The important thing is that in view of the terrorist activities during this time, their security system has been kept very strong. Not only this, but congress has also invited a large group of opposition parties during the end of the yatra, now it has to be seen how many parties stand with rahul at the end of this yatra. rahul gandhi also excels at swimming and diving!!!

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