The bold declaration that Visakhapatnam would replace hyderabad as the state capital in the near future by ysr congress party leader and andhra pradesh chief minister Y S jagan Mohan reddy in New delhi stunned many and drew condemnation from his opponents. But according to insider sources, jagan is fairly certain that he will receive a favourable order from the supreme court, which will hear a special leave petition submitted by the administration.

Senior attorneys for the state government in the supreme court reportedly informed the chief minister that the high court decision declaring amaravati the only capital of the state and stating that the state lacked the legislative authority to pass the three capitals bill might be overturned by the apex court. The jagan administration was so confident in its abilities that on january 31, there were some leaks from the corridors of power to a portion of the media, and the supreme court granted a stay on the high court's decision.

A few news outlets even flashed information regarding the stay order, but they swiftly removed it after learning that the hearing had been postponed until february 7 and that the matter was not even listed for hearing. However, the jagan administration is very optimistic that it would receive a favourable ruling from the supreme court at the next hearing. Every leader is discussing moving the capital to Visakhapatnam sooner or later for precisely this reason.

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