The passenger, Sagarika Patnaik a nagpur resident was travelling for work on indigo flight 6E6798 in the early hours of Sunday. Sagarika’s husband, Subrat Patnaik told that his wife was allotted a window seat, number 10A. “Once she reached her seat, she was shocked to see the cushion missing,” her husband said. Sagarika raised this matter with a cabin crew member, who in response, asked her to look for the cushion under the seat, he added.

However, she was unable to find the cushion after looking around the seat. Sagarika raised the issue once again, but since boarding process was still underway, she was forced to wait in the aisle, creating a fuss for her co-passengers. Finally after a while, one of the cabin crew member brought her a cushion from a spare seat and placed it on Sagarika’s seat. Reportedly sources in the airline said that the previous cushion was taken out for replacement because it was dirty, and a spare cushion was provided to ensure the maintenance of hygiene standards of the aircraft.

The airline replied to Subrat on the microblogging site X and said, “… At times, the seat cushion gets adrift from its Velcro. The same can be repositioned with the help of our crew. Further, your feedback will be shared with the concerned team for review. Hope to serve you better in the future.” Later the airline issued a statement on the incident and said, “With reference to an incident on indigo flight 6E 6798 from pune to nagpur on november 26, 2023, the ground staff noticed an unclean seat, which was promptly replaced. indigo maintains the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene to ensure a safe, hassle-free experience, and regrets any inconvenience caused to passengers.”

The airline, however, in his statement said “On november 19, 2023 flight 6E 478 was operating from amritsar to chennai via Bengaluru with eight transit passengers on board. Due to the delay of the incoming aircraft from amritsar, these passengers were unable to board the onward flight to chennai at the Bengaluru Airport.” “IndiGo ground staff made every possible effort to help passengers make the connection, but due to lack of time, they were unable to board the aircraft. indigo staff offered the passengers overnight accommodation and booking on the next available flight but certain passengers chose to stay at the airport lounge. We deeply apologize for the inconvenience caused to the passengers,” their statement added.

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