Counting of votes cast in Mizoram state assembly elections took place today. Voting for the assembly elections of five states namely Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, telangana and Mizoram was held from 7th to 30th of last month. Out of which, the votes cast in 4 states other than Mizoram were counted and the results announced yesterday. Out of which, bjp will form the government in 3 other states except Telangana. congress will form the government only in Telangana.

Sunday is important for the people of Mizoram, a Christian majority state. Hence, following appeals by political parties, NGOs, churches and student bodies, the counting of votes in the state alone was postponed to december 4 (today).

Accordingly, the votes cast in the Mizoram state assembly elections for a total of 40 constituencies are being counted from this morning. As of now, Mizo National Front is leading. Mizo National Front is leading in 14 seats, Zoram People's Movement in 12 seats, bjp and congress in 2 seats each. Earlier, Zoram People's Movement was leading, now Mizo National Front is leading.

Mizo National Front, congress and Zoram People's Movement are the major parties in Mizoram. bjp also stands alone. However, since Mizoram's statehood in 1987, the Mizo National Front or the congress have alternately won the assembly elections.

The Mizo National Front won the 2018 assembly elections and is in power. Soramthanga is the chief minister of the state. This time there was a three-way contest between the Mizo National Front, Zoram People's Movement and Congress.

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