8 thousand 409 cubic feet of water has reached the Sembarambakkam lake due to the continuous rain due to Mijam storm. Due to this, while the water release is 3000 cubic feet, the surplus water release will be increased. Cyclone Mikjam, which has formed in the Bay of Bengal, is centered at a distance of 130 km from Chennai. Due to this, winds are blowing at a speed of 50 km per hour in chennai and its surrounding areas. The storm is moving at a speed of 14 km per hour in the last 6 hours.

Wind speed is increasing as this storm moves towards Andhra near Chennai. Many places in chennai have come to a standstill due to heavy rains throughout the night. More than 10 tunnels including Ganesapuram, Konguretty, Perambur, Duraisamy, Aranganathan have been closed and trees have also fallen at many places due to the speed of the wind.

Due to heavy rains in chennai throughout the night, the water flow in Sembarambakkam lake has increased. What is the water availability in Sembarambakkam? In this situation, the lakes which are the main source of drinking water in chennai are filling up one after another. In particular, the total capacity of Chembarambakkam lake is 24 feet and the current water level is 21.15 feet. The water flow which was 4,242 cubic feet at 8 pm last night has increased to 8,409 cubic feet due to heavy rain throughout the night.

Excess water has been released from the lake at a rate of 3,009 cubic feet per second. It is said that there is a possibility of increasing the discharge of excess water due to continuous heavy rains. Similarly, the water flow has also increased in Bundi Lake. The water flow has increased from 1650 cubic feet to 4000 cubic feet. Due to this, the release of excess water will also be increased.

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