Reportedly in the 2018 assembly elections held in madhya pradesh, congress had won 114 seats while bjp had to face

defeat on 109 seats. At that time, jyotiraditya scindia, who came in front of the public in a domineering style, was

considered to be the face of the CM, but after the order from the congress high command, kamal nath was made

the Chief Minister. congress ran the government in madhya pradesh for one and a half years, but during this

period, news of tussle between Scindia and kamal nath also kept making headlines in the media. 11 MLAs from

Digvijay Singh’s camp were given ministerial posts in the government, but reports came out that people from

Scindia’s camp were not being given the importance they were demanding.

In such a situation, exactly one and a half years later, there was a dramatic political upheaval in Madhya Pradesh

and jyotiraditya scindia joined bjp due to his dissatisfaction with Congress. Besides, 22 MLAs of his group also

joined BJP. After which the congress government fell and then Shivraj Singh Chauhan returned as the Chief

Minister. Now jyotiraditya scindia is the Union Minister. Apart from this, bjp has also given ministerial posts to

people from his group in its government. Now, there could be many political implications of Scindia meeting

Shivraj Singh in this picture.

Who is getting how many seats?

Till the time of writing the news, bjp is leading in 162, congress 66 and other 2 seats in Madhya Pradesh. This

figure is of 2:30 pm. From these figures it seems that till the trends of all the seats are known, the picture may

remain more or less the same.

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