On tuesday (December 5), Karni Sena President Sukhdev Singh Gogamedi was murdered in Jaipur, due to which

there is anger in the entire Rajasthan. The police have said that they will take strict action in this matter, but there

is anger among the leaders and workers of Karni Sena. Now a demand is being raised to take yogi action against

the killers of Sukhdevi Gogamedi. Karni Sena says that Gogamedi was talking about threat to his life for the last

two years, security was also sought from the police but he did not get any help.

Along with this, Karni Sena has announced that until the encounter and bulldozer action of Uttar Pradesh Chief

Minister yogi adityanath is not taken against the killers, they will not allow the oath taking ceremony in


lawrence Bishnoi gang also involved in Karni Sena president murder case

For your information, let us tell you that gangster Rohit Godara of the notorious lawrence Bishnoi gang, who took

the responsibility of the murder of Sidhu Moosewala, has taken the responsibility of the murder of the Karni Sena

President. For this he posted on his facebook account and said that the same thing will happen to those who

support the enemies. He has also mentioned lawrence Bishnoi gang in the hashtag of the post.

There is anger all over rajasthan after the heinous murder of Sukhdev Singh Gogamedi. The protest by Karni Sena

leaders and workers continues. The police is also busy searching for the accused. Recently two people have been

arrested from haryana who may be involved in this murder. Their clue was found from the phone of murdered


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