There was a transfer of power in Telangana. BRS remained in power for ten years. The congress party won the recent assembly elections. With this, tpcc President revanth reddy took oath as the Chief Minister. Voters sang the last song of the BRS party which came to power twice. It is noteworthy that the congress party got a clear majority with 64 seats.

 BRS leaders set up barricades and grill around Pragati Bhavan. Security arrangements have been made so that no one can get inside easily. But with the coming of the congress government, they are being removed. As per the orders of revanth reddy, the barricades and grill around pragathi Bhavan are being removed with gas cutters. It is being done without any trouble to the people. 

The previous government had put up barricades in front of Pragati Bhavan in the city. The new government has decided to remove them in the background of the growing number of people. It was ordered to remove them. To this extent workers are removing them. The new government has given orders to remove them and the work is going on. The new government is not paying attention to the decisions taken by BRS. With this, it is hoped to remove them without any obstacles. 

Congress party is trying to keep it in its favour. The barricades set up by the BRS party will cause trouble. That's why it was decided to remove them. It will bring new guidelines in administration. BRS is looking to have its own governance different from the party. Many decisions are being taken for this purpose. It tends to provide better governance to the people. 

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