With the formation of bjp government in Rajasthan, the race for ministerial posts has also started. Ministers

appointed in the past and powerful leaders who have emerged in the present may get a place in the cabinet, but in

view of the lok sabha elections, caste equations are also being seen in which efforts will be made to please all the

sections. Talking about Kota division, it is almost certain that some MLAs will become ministers here. bjp has

won 11 out of 17 seats in Hadoti division. Out of four districts, three districts are important, in which MLAs from

BJP can get a place in the cabinet.

Know who among the 11 MLAs will become minister and why

Supporters of the MLAs have already increased their voice for making them ministers. It is believed that this time

Madan Dilawar, Pratap Singh Singhvi, Kanwarlal Meena, Kalpana Devi, Hiralal nagar and sandeep Sharma can

get ministerial posts from Hadoti. The MLAs who won from Hadoti for the second time include Govind Ranipuria,

Lalit meena and Kalulal Meghwal. madan Dilawar, who became mla from Ramganj Mandi seat of Kota district,

has been a minister whenever he won elections during the bjp rule. In these, he was a minister in 1995 and 2003.

He had won the elections from Baran-Atru assembly seat both the times. Dilawar is a strong name from the camp

of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. In such a situation, he can also be awarded the post of minister. Dilawar comes

from sc community, hence he can get benefit.

Sandeep Sharma, Hiralal nagar, Pratap Singh Singhvi also included in the race for ministerial post.

Sandeep Sharma has won from Kota South assembly seat for the third time and Heera Lal nagar has become

MLA for the second time from Sangod assembly seat, but Pratap Singh Singhvi, who has won the elections for

the seventh time from Chhabra assembly seat, is also leading in the race for ministerial post. He had been a

minister in the Vasundhara government, but he did not get a place in the bjp government formed for the second

time. sandeep Sharma and Hiralal nagar are close to the Speaker of the lok sabha, hence both are contenders for

the ministerial post.

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