Usually for many people selling pani puri as a street-side vendor may not appear like a desirable business. As per normal understanding, selling pani puri does not sound like a profitable job, but now a pani puri seller’s confession about his daily earnings is challenging this notion. Earlier this month, an instagram user shared a video in which he asked a pani puri seller about his daily salary or profit. To this, the seller says that he earns about Rs 2,500 per day. This undated clip has gathered over 15 lakh likes. The identity of the pani puri seller is not revealed. Commenting on this video, an instagram user wrote, “They work very hard too. They need to prepare everything from scratch and serve it all day standing. It makes sense.” Another person wrote, “It’s hard to work like that. Sometimes it’s hot or cold or windy or rainy. Sometimes thieves take their money. Working indoors is easier.”

An instagram user cautioned, “This is so wrong. What if he gets robbed because of this? The least you could do is blur his face. They work extremely hard, and you’re putting them at risk by exposing them like this.” While many people were impressed with the pani puri seller’s monthly earnings, others speculated that he might be exaggerating or confusing the profit with turnover or revenue. Echoing this sentiment, a person wrote, “I think he is confused between revenue and profit.”

Some people also began calculating the pani puri seller’s monthly and annual income as per their estimates. A person wrote, “It’s turnover. 2500 is his earning. That he mentions as profit mistakenly. 2500/30 = 84 plates to be sold per day.” Some people noted that maybe the humble street vendor was able to earn a huge profit as he did not have additional costs like taxes or shop rent. A netizen commented, “No tax, no shop rent, real Buisnessman.” Expressing a different perspective, a person wrote, “Don’t go by this. Even he works so hard to educate his kids and bring up his family. He wouldn’t want his kid to do this jobs. Not degrading what he does, but don’t limit yourself seeing monthly income etc!”.

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