After holding the responsibility of chief minister for 18 years, now the name of the new chief minister of the

state has been announced in place of Shivraj Singh Chauhan. Mohan Yadav has been handed over the command

of the state. In such a situation, the question now arises whether Shivraj Singh Chauhan will go to delhi and

demand a big post for himself from the party leadership? A big statement has come from the former Chief

Minister on the answer to this question. He said, I don't like to go to delhi and beg. I would rather die than ask

for anything for myself. At the same time, Shivraj Singh Chauhan has also decided that he is in Madhya Pradesh

and will stay here. Will not go anywhere.

Amidst the announcement of the names of Chief Ministers in Madhya Pradesh, rajasthan and Chhattisgarh,

senior ministers of the three states had reached delhi to meet the high command. On this, Shivraj Singh Chauhan

was also asked whether he would also go to Delhi? To this, former cm Shivraj replied, I want to say one thing

with humility that I would prefer to die before asking for anything for myself.

Time has come to return BJP- Shivraj Singh Chauhan

At the same time, Shivraj Singh Chauhan spoke in favor of the bjp leadership that the party made him the Chief

Minister for 18 years. bjp gave him everything. So now the time has come to return the party.

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