The bjp has many accounts behind its choice of a tribal member as chief minister of Chhattisgarh. Voting for the assembly elections of five states namely Madhya Pradesh, rajasthan, chhattisgarh, telangana and Mizoram was held from 7th to 30th of last month. In that, bjp has won in other states except telangana and Mizoram. congress has won in telangana and Zoram People's Movement in Mizoram. As these five state elections are seen as a preview of the upcoming lok sabha elections, the BJP's victory in the states of Madhya Pradesh, rajasthan and chhattisgarh has excited the party workers. The bjp has also elected the Chief Ministers of these three states. Political watchers say that the party has put various calculations behind this with future plans.

As such, the selection of tribal leader vishnu Deo Sai as chief minister of chhattisgarh is part of the BJP's strategy to boost its performance in the upcoming lok sabha elections. Known for his managerial skills, the 59-year-old is widely accepted by tribal communities. chhattisgarh shares its borders with Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Jharkhand, Odisha, andhra pradesh and Telangana. All these states have substantial tribal population.

"After the election of the President of the Republic of India, in chhattisgarh, where Ajmans live, more than 7.5 percent of India's total tribal population, BJP's political think tank with the approval of prime minister Modi has appointed a tribal as chief minister and moved the dice to woo the Ajman ahead of the 2024 lok sabha elections." According to political observers.

A senior bjp functionary also said that prime minister Modi's aim is to tie the tribal vote bank with the bjp based on the representation given to tribal leaders and the work they have done for the community.

In chhattisgarh, out of a total of 90 constituencies, 29 seats are reserved for tribals, out of which the bjp has won 17 seats. Learning from the setback in tribal-dominated seats in 2018, the bjp, S.T. In the last five years, Achmooga has made its work known among the people by formulating a national level program for the people. Subsequently, the bjp has further strengthened its image by appointing vishnu Deo Sai as its Chief Minister.

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