Ganga Water Supply Scheme was inaugurated by chief minister nitish kumar on december 15 in

Nawada district of Bihar. Along with this, a big gift was given to South bihar in the form of ganga water. 135

liters of ganga water has been supplied daily to 13 thousand 965 houses in 17 wards of Nawada nagar for

domestic purposes. During this time, nitish kumar also tried using ganga drinking water. Water Resources

Minister Sanjay Kumar Jha and industries minister cum district Incharge minister Sameer Kumar Mahaseth were

present on the occasion of inauguration.

It is noteworthy that ganga water was brought through steel pipeline from Hathidah of Mokama to the detention

camp located in Motnaje village of Nardiganj block of Nawada district near Rajgir. After this, covering a distance

of 20 kilometers, ganga water was brought to the treated water plant located in Paura village of Nawada. Ganga

water will be delivered to people's homes in Nawada nagar, covering a distance of about 13 kilometers from Paura

village. Before this, ganga water is being delivered to people's homes in Rajgir, Gaya and Bodhgaya. This year,

Ganga water was made available to the people in the form of drinking water during Pitru Paksha Fair and Rajgir

Malmas Fair. DM Ashutosh Kumar Verma, SP Ambrish Rahul, mla Vibha Devi, Neetu Devi etc. were present

on the occasion.

Many officers were honored

Chief minister nitish kumar, who reached Paura village, honored many officers of the Water Resources

Department by giving them citations. A dozen officers including Additional Chief Secretary of Water Resources

Department chaitanya prasad were awarded citations. Tight security arrangements were made for the Chief

Minister's visit. police forces were deployed at every nook and corner. After investigation people were allowed to


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