Seven-time mla of madhya pradesh congress and former assembly leader of Opposition Dr. Govind Singh has

made a big announcement from the stage. Govind Singh has announced his retirement from politics. He said that

now he will not contest any election, along with this he has accused bjp of forming the government by tampering

with EVMs in the elections.

Actually, senior congress leader Dr. Govind Singh will not contest any election now, Dr. Govind Singh himself

has announced this in the gratitude meeting organized in Lahar. The former leader of opposition expressed his

gratitude to the people of Lahar for keeping him as mla for 33 years and also expressed his feelings in his


Dr. Govind Singh said from the stage, Now he is neither the leader of opposition nor a former and ex-MLA, now

he is just the pre-1990 Dr. Govind Singh for the public. He further said that now he has decided that at this age he

will not contest any mla election in this life, henceforth he will support whichever face the public chooses from

among them for the party.

During this time, the former leader of opposition also accused bjp of coming to power through EVM fraud. He

said, Before the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, some people who were involved in tampering with the EVM

machines were found, who showed a demo of how the voting machines of bjp and congress can be tampered

with, after which it has been confirmed that That somewhere the EVM machines are tampered with to influence

the results of the elections. He further said, This time too, it was being said from the beginning that Congress

will come to power and is winning the elections. From the officials to the survey agencies and the common people,

everyone was giving assurance of this, but the results of the elections came opposite to that. amit shah had said

that his party would win 160 seats and it got 163 seats in the elections. Seeing his accurate estimate, it can be said

that this government has been formed only by tampering with the machines, he alleges that ever since Narendra

Modi has come to power. There are irregularities in the elections.

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