The Bhajanlal government of rajasthan has terminated the services of chairpersons and vice-chairpersons of 150

commissions and boards. This decision came within five days of the formation of the government. There is intense

political discussion here regarding this. Because, ashok gehlot government had done a lot of work on the

commission and board. A few months before the elections, the formation of the Board was announced

continuously. Even a few hours before the implementation of the code of conduct, a board was formed and its

chairman was announced. In such a situation, when bjp government came, the first order was issued on this.

There was a lot of discussion about Shri krishna Board and Veer Tejaji Welfare Board. Social Welfare Board and

Vipra kalyan Board have been the most popular boards of the state. The Social Welfare Board of rajasthan was

the only board in india which was operating here. For this, ashok gehlot himself had given his full strength. Now

preparations are being made to install the new government here consisting of young bjp officials and strong

candidates who lost in the Legislative Assembly.

What is the order?

In the order of Munni Meena, Joint Secretary of Administrative Reforms Department of the state, it is written that

the services of state and district level committees, commissions, corporations, boards or task forces should be

terminated immediately. It is also written in it that if it is not possible to cancel the files and rules from the legal

point of view, then their files should be sent to the Chief Minister's office immediately.

most have already resigned

Mahesh Sharma, who was the Chairman of Vipra kalyan Board, says that most of the Chairman and Vice

Chairman have already resigned. It is the government's decision whether which board will run or not. Resignations

have been given before on ethical grounds.

Boards are dissolved as soon as the government changes.

Senior journalist of rajasthan Narayan Bareth says that now all governments are giving prominence to people of

their own ideas. Whereas, the institution which is doing good work should be allowed to work further also. This

should not be a new tradition. Senior journalist Jagdish Sharma says that this has been happening. The boards are

dissolved as soon as the government changes. In one case, a challenge was also made in the high court but it was

not won.

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