Former chief minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan reached delhi for the first time after madhya pradesh got a new

Chief minister in the form of Mohan Yadav. He met bharatiya janata party National President jp nadda in

Delhi. Many kinds of speculations were being made regarding this meeting, the curtain of which is still to be

lifted. However, Shivraj Singh Chauhan himself shared the picture of this meeting and also talked to the media

after coming out.

Shivraj Singh Chauhan released the picture of his meeting with jp nadda on social media. Along with it he

wrote that during this meeting the topics of national upliftment, public welfare and public service were

discussed. Shivraj further wrote, all of us bjp workers are dedicated to the goal of service is resolution.

I will go to the southern states

Shivraj was also seen talking to the media after coming out on this line. When he was asked what role the party

was planning to give him, shivraj singh chouhan repeatedly said that as a worker, he will play whatever role

the party decides. He said that he will be in the center as well as in the state. Reiterating his point once again,

Shivraj said, If you work for a big mission, then the party decides what work you will do. However, during this

conversation, Shivraj definitely said that during the Sankalp yatra of bharatiya janata party, he will be asked to

visit many places and he will go. Meanwhile, Shivraj Singh Chauhan said that he will go to the southern states.

However, after this Shivraj did not say much on this issue.

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