The administration has become active regarding Covid in Rajasthan. A state level committee has been formed

here yesterday. Along with this, Additional Chief Secretary of Medical and health Department, Shubhra Singh has

instructed the Medical Department to be cautious and make necessary preparations as a precautionary measure.

During this time, instructions have been given to form a state level committee under the chairmanship of Medical

Education Commissioner Shivprasad Nakate and prepare a graded response system.

Today 470 samples of Covid were taken but positive reports of two have come. Due to this the department is on

alert mode. According to medical experts, the new sub-variant of Covid, SARS-CoV-2 JN1, is not dangerous.

About 90 percent of the patients tested positive for this sub-variant do not need to be admitted to hospital. Its

patients are recovering with normal treatment while in isolation at home. There is no need to panic or be afraid of

this, only caution is needed. At present there is no situation of concern regarding this variant in the state.

Mock drill will be held on 26th December

According to the Additional Chief Secretary, despite there being no threat from the SARS-CoV-2 JN1 sub-

variant, all necessary preparations related to Covid management are being ensured as a precautionary measure in

the state. He directed to conduct a mock drill again on december 26 to test the medical facilities including tests,

medicines, beds, oxygen etc. in the state hospitals as well as private hospitals. He said that from medical college

hospitals to district hospitals and CHC-PHC, availability of medical facilities like testing kits, medicines, oxygen

etc. should be ensured as per requirement. Complete preparations for this are going on.

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