In the recently held assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh, bjp won a landslide victory despite the anti-incumbency wave. bjp won 163 out of 230 seats in the state. Whereas congress won only 66 seats. In this way bjp once again came to power with majority. bjp, which surprised political pundits by winning with majority in the first election, later surprised the people by announcing the name of Mohan Yadav for the post of chief minister in place of Shivraj Singh Chauhan.

Keeping in mind the 2024 lok sabha elections, bjp implemented its plan of social engineering somewhere. Under this, an attempt was made to create a balance between the major caste groups in the state by making Mohan Yadav, who comes from OBC community, the chief minister and Brahmin Rajendra Shukla along with Dalit Jagdish Deora as Deputy Chief Ministers.

Meanwhile, C-Voter has conducted an opinion poll for ABP News. In this opinion poll, people were asked that 'will bjp in UP and bihar benefit in lok sabha elections by making Mohan Yadav the cm in MP?' In response to this, 48 percent people said yes. Whereas 37 percent people have answered no. Apart from this, 15 percent people have not given the address. This clearly means that most of the people have accepted that by making Mohan Yadav the cm in MP, bjp will benefit in UP and Bihar. Let us tell you that in UP and bihar, Yadav community plays a decisive role in elections.

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