It seems that former cm Kumaraswamy, who had said that he would wear a necklace after the BJP-JDS alliance, changed his mind at the last moment. After the confirmation of JDS-BJP alliance in the wake of the lok sabha elections, former chief minister H.D. Kumaraswamy had announced that he would wear a necklace. However, tomorrow is the last day to wear Dattamale and only Kumaraswamy has not arrived so far. Have you given up on wearing necklaces? The question has started.

Former chief minister H.D. During the period when Kumaraswamy formed the government along with the Congress, he did not show much affection for Datta Jayanti and Dattapeeth. The coalition government fell within the year and the bjp came to power after Operation Kamal. In view of the lok sabha elections 2024, the JDS party has formed an alliance with the ruling bjp at the Centre. After the alliance was confirmed, former cm Kumaraswamy had openly announced that he would wear a Dattapith when he visited Dattapeeth. However, although tomorrow is the last day to wear Dattamalae as part of Datta Jayanti, only Kumaraswamy has not taken a step. Therefore, there is a suspicion that they have changed their decision to wear a necklace.

Looking at the information from political sources, former chief minister H.D. Doubt Kumaraswamy go? It is being said. Tomorrow is the last day of Dattamala. It seems that Kumaraswamy, who had expressed his wish to wear Dattamale until now, decided not to go to Dattapeeth at the last moment. Therefore, as part of Datta Jayanti, they are thinking about going to Dattapeeth without wearing a garland. So now it is known that Kumaraswamy has decided not to go to Dattapeeth for the time being.

Here's what Kumaraswamy had to say about wearing Dattamale:

Speaking to the media in Chikkamagalur, former cm Kumaraswamy said, 'Datta Mala Dharane is God's programme. Hako samaya bandre datta maale haktini, why not datta maale? Not illegal, nothing like that, I will do anything legal to save our culture. What is secularism? Isn't your minister talking everywhere, bjp MLAs need to get rid of Khadar in our society, is this secular? He questioned whether the Congressmen have the ability to discuss about secularism. Bajrang Dal and vishwa Hindu Parishad welcomed former chief minister HD Kumaraswamy's statement that he would wear a garland of gold at Samaya Bandra. It is said that the Bajrang Dal had also extended an invitation to HDK from the vishwa Hindu Parishad. Dattamala Abhiyan is going on under the leadership of vishwa Hindu Parishad Bajrang Dal from 17th to 26th december and tomorrow is the last day for dattamaladharana.

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