As per report bihar minister Vijay Choudhary spoke to journalists on wednesday after meeting cm Nitish Kumar. Vijay Chaudhary said that the news of resignation of JDU national president Lalan Singh is a rumour. At the same time, attacking bjp leader sushil modi, he said that no one in his party asks, he is not invited to whose meetings, hence he keeps talking here and there.

Meanwhile bihar Finance minister Vijay Chaudhary said, "The rumor that was being spread about the resignation of our national president. We had said yesterday and today also that there is no such thing. I don't understand why it is being given so much importance. We have always said that if asked about any incident, we can tell, but we do not give statements based on statements made by any leader. We make a statement on some fact. If you want to know about something then ask this. But what did anyone say? It is not our responsibility to answer this.

While attacking sushil modi on his statement, Vijay Chaudhary said, "Nobody asks sushil modi in bjp, he is not invited to any meeting. That's why he keeps wandering here and there. Keep giving statements.'' There is speculation about whether JDU's grand alliance with RJD will continue or not. On this, Vijay Chaudhary said, "As per our understanding, there is no confusion at all. These outsiders are creating. We assure that no matter how hard anyone tries, the Grand Alliance is unbreakable. Let us tell you that there were reports that Lalan Singh may resign from the post of National President and JDU will elect the new National President.

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