Reportedly political rhetoric is coming to the fore regarding the return of bihar CM Nitish Kumar's party JDU to nda before the lok sabha elections. There is speculation that Lalan Singh will resign from the post of JDU national president, who played a big role in JDU's exit from NDA. On the other hand, Nitish's ministers have claimed that the grand alliance is unbreakable and no force can break it, but CVoter has conducted a quick survey for ABP regarding what the people of bihar think. The first question of the survey was whether nitish kumar should come back to NDA? In response to this question, 53 percent said that they should not be a part of NDA. While 32 percent said that he should return to NDA. While 15 percent answered 'don't know'.

Should Nitish come back to NDA?

Yes-32 percent

No-53 percent

Don't know - 15 percent

If Nitish returns to nda, will bjp gain or lose?

Profit-39 percent

Loss-45 percent

Don't know - 16 percent

Nitish Kumar has played an important role in preparing the opposition india alliance before the lok sabha elections. In such a situation, if he himself becomes a part of the ruling nda, will it benefit or harm BJP? On this question, 45 percent said that bjp will suffer loss, 39 percent believe that it will benefit. Whereas 16 percent of the people taking part in the survey replied that they did not know.

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