According to sources bihar government minister Shravon Kumar has made a big claim about cm Nitish Kumar. Shranav Kumar said that Nitish Kumar's popularity is continuously increasing. Taking aim at the opposition, shravan Kumar said that nitish kumar works in the interest of the poor, he does not make statements. At the same time, minister Sunil Kumar said that surveillance has been intensified in view of the possibility of violation of liquor ban on the occasion of New Year.

Shravan Kumar said, "The opposition comments on each and every action of Nitish ji." that made no sense. Whatever he does, he does it in the interest of the state and the country, in the interest of the people and the poor. Don't use catchphrases. If you start making statements from here too, the opposition will not make a single comment. The popularity of JDU leader is increasing.'' On the ongoing speculations about Lalan Singh, minister shravan Kumar said that everyone is important in the party. Everyone works as one link, everyone works under the leadership of Nitish Kumar.

On the other hand, Central Prohibition and Registration Department minister Sunil Kumar said that his department is on alert mode regarding the New Year. Our law is clear regarding being caught drunk. We are conscious about this. Especially during Christmas, we had teams consisting of excise and police people, they were on alert. And we are alert regarding the New Year celebration that will be celebrated. There is alert regarding the border area.

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