Accordingly the parties included in the alliance of opposition parties 'India' have started their respective claims regarding seat sharing in view of the lok sabha elections. It is being told that in the congress meeting held in delhi on Tuesday, claims have been staked on 8 to 9 seats. Whereas, RJD and JDU are anxious to become elder brothers. It is being said that while JDU is talking about seat sharing on the basis of last lok sabha election results, RJD is keeping the condition of making the last assembly election results the basis.

By the way, the circumstances of this election have changed since the last lok sabha elections. JDU was in nda with bjp in the last lok sabha elections. In that election, nda had won 39 out of 40 seats in the state. In the congress meeting held in delhi on Tuesday, leaders from bihar have claimed 8 to 10 seats. In the last elections, congress had contested on nine seats and won one seat.

Bihar congress leaders have clearly said that the congress should decide the seat from its side. By the way, according to the internal discussion, RJD and JDU will field candidates from 15 to 17 seats in the grand alliance and other parties will field their candidates on the remaining seats. Talking about the Left parties, CPI, CPI(M) and CPI(ML) are all excited about the 2024 lok sabha elections and are preparing. CPI(ML) is staking its claim on the seats by holding worker conferences in many areas including Buxar and Patliputra.

The leftist parties are staking their claim for seat sharing on the basis of the last assembly elections. In the last assembly elections, leftist parties had won 16 seats. Well, the way the base is being built, it does not seem that seat distribution in the Grand Alliance will be easy.

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