Perhaps bihar cm nitish kumar has been taking major decisions for his party JDU for a long time. It has been a tradition in political parties to create a second tier of leadership so that they can be prepared for bigger responsibilities in the times to come. In such a situation, who are those big leaders in JDU who can carry forward the political legacy of Nitish Kumar? A survey was conducted among the people of bihar regarding this. This quick survey has been done by CVoter for ABP.

Meanwhile four options were presented to the people in the survey. The option of Lalan Singh, minister ashok Chaudhary, rajya sabha MP Ramnath Thakur and minister Sanjay Jha was kept. Of these, 12 percent people believed that ashok Choudhary can enhance the legacy of nitish kumar, while 17 percent people said that the current national president Lalan Singh can fulfill this responsibility. Whereas seven percent people were seen standing in favor of Ramnath Thakur. The least trust was shown for Sanjay Jha. Only six percent believed that he could take forward the political legacy of Nitish Kumar. The surprising thing is that 44 percent feel that none of them can carry forward Nitish's legacy. Whereas 14 percent gave their answer as 'don't know'.

Who can take forward Nitish's political legacy in JDU?

Lalan Singh-17 percent

Ashok Chaudhary-12 percent

Ramnath Thakur-7 percent

Sanjay Jha-6 percent

None of these – 44 percent

Don't know - 14 percent

This discussion is going on in the name of Ramnath Thakur, close to Nitish.

Lalan Singh is currently the national president but there is speculation about his resignation, which JDU has also rejected. Ramnath Thakur is the son of former cm Karpoori Thakur. He is also considered close to Nitish Kumar. ashok Chaudhary is the building construction minister of the state. While Sanjay Kumar Jha is a Legislative Councilor. He is the minister of WRD and IPRD. He is also the general secretary of JDU.

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