The political turmoil in bihar politics has once again intensified. On the other hand, the nda government has to prove its majority in the floor test on february 12, while on the other hand, the parties are afraid of the split of MLAs. This is the reason why all the parties have their eyes on their respective MLAs. On saturday (February 10), RJD mla Tejashwi was put under 'house arrest' at his residence. All the luxuries and amenities are being delivered to Tejashwi's residence for them.

According to the information, room heaters, geysers, mosquito repellents etc. have been delivered to the MLAs. Even slippers and blankets have been delivered. The belongings of the MLAs have been brought in suitcases. Its pictures have been captured on camera. Actually, on saturday, Tejashwi Yadav had called a meeting of MLAs of RJD and Left parties. In this meeting it was decided that all the MLAs would stay here (Tejaswi residence). Security has been increased outside Tejashwi's residence.

Arrangement of a cook for the MLAs also

It is said that the mla has gone to the residence taking clothes and bags with him. Goods are being ordered from the homes of some MLAs. Caterer arrangements were made to prepare food. These people will cook food for all the MLAs. It is being said that from here all the MLAs will go for the assembly on 12th February. Let us tell you that nda has the support of 128 MLAs. 122 MLAs are needed for majority. In such a situation, nda leaders are claiming that there is no problem and majority will be easily proved. On the other hand, bihar Congress MLAs have gone to Hyderabad. It is being said that they will come to patna by sunday (February 11) evening. Will stay at Tejashwi Yadav's residence for the night. After this, he will go to the assembly from Tejashwi's residence on 12th February.

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