The atmosphere in Western UP has changed after the growing closeness of RLD chief and rajya sabha MP Jayant Chaudhary to bjp and discussions about contesting elections together. With this, the storm of statements by RLD leaders in Western UP against akhilesh yadav has now completely stopped. RLD leaders have become silent instead of making harsh remarks on akhilesh yadav and SP. Be it muzaffarnagar lok sabha seat or Kairana lok sabha seat, RLD leaders were openly opposing SP. But there has been complete silence for the last 8 days. RLD leaders in Western UP are neither speaking nor ready to say anything on SP or Akhilesh.

The storm of statements by RLD leaders against SP has stopped for now. It is being discussed that where have the RLD statements gone and why have they become silent?

SP chief akhilesh yadav gave 7 lok sabha seats to RLD, but the preparation of SP leaders to contest elections on the symbol of RLD on three seats heated up the atmosphere in Western UP. On one hand, RLD leaders were making election preparations and on the other hand, they were adopting a bitter and rebellious attitude against SP. Jayant Chaudhary also knew everything, but Jayant Chaudhary neither reacted nor stopped his leaders from speaking against SP. As a result, the rebellious attitude of RLD leaders became more bitter. It was beginning to be seen that when there is no coordination between SP and RLD leaders, then how will they sail through the lok sabha elections and why is Jayant silent on this issue?

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