mla shalini Mishra was missing from the JDU meeting on Saturday, after which there were speculations that she might leave the party. Now he has come clean about this. shalini Mishra said while talking to the media that she had gone to delhi to welcome foreign guests. shalini also said that she had not received any invitation for the party meeting. shalini Mishra is the general secretary of JDU's bihar unit and is the mla from Kesariya seat.

Speaking to news agency ANI, shalini Mishra said, "I was not missing at all. I had told the party leadership that I was going to delhi for two days. Foreign guests have come. Had gone to receive him. I did not even receive an invitation to the party meeting. Because everyone knew that I was not in Patna. This is all rumour. No big leader of the party asked me why I did not come because everyone knew that I was not in Patna.

upendra Kushwaha made this claim about Shalini

Such speculations are going on about shalini when the floor test of cm Nitish Kumar's government is going to be held in bihar Assembly tomorrow i.e. on Monday. In bihar Assembly, the ruling party i.e. NDA's constituent bjp has 78 MLAs, JDU has 45 and we have five MLAs. On the other hand, RLJD Chief upendra Kushwaha also termed the news going on about shalini Mishra as a rumour. Kushwaha tweeted on Sunday, “Surprise! How rumors and misconceptions are spread! The news is in the headlines - JDU mla missing/mobile switched off! Hey brother, one of the MLAs being dragged in the news, Mrs. shalini Mishra ji is currently sitting with me in the flight coming from delhi to Patna. After all, everyone has personal commitments too.'' Amidst the commotion over the floor test, while bjp kept its MLAs at a resort in Gaya, RJD kept its MLAs at Tejashwi Yadav's house. This has been done amidst the fear of MLAs breaking down.

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