Amidst the preparations for the lok sabha elections, delhi Chief minister arvind kejriwal has given a big signal. He said on sunday (February 11) that the people of delhi have decided to give all the seven seats to the aam aadmi party (AAP). In such a situation, speculation has started whether AAP will contest the elections alone in Delhi. Earlier, arvind kejriwal had announced that he would contest elections on all 13 seats of Punjab. Earlier, congress and aam aadmi party had started discussing seat sharing to contest the lok sabha elections together. However, no final decision could be taken. According to sources, AAP is angry with congress due to delay in seat sharing.

AAP and congress have already met twice to discuss seat sharing. It has been a long time since this meeting took place. AAP had sought time from congress regarding the third meeting, but they have not been given time for the meeting. AAP leaders say that there is very little time left for the lok sabha elections and if they do not declare the candidate then their problems will increase. Therefore, the names of the candidates will have to be announced in time. Before this, congress has announced the names of its candidates on three lok sabha seats in assam and has also fielded candidates on one seat in Gujarat.

CM arvind kejriwal made this claim

Let us tell you, there are total 7 lok sabha seats in Delhi. In the 2019 lok sabha elections, bjp had won all the seats in Delhi. delhi Chief minister arvind kejriwal fiercely targeted bjp in one of his addresses. He said that the central government did not allow the tableau of Shaheed-e-Azam Bhagat Singh to be released on Republic Day. bjp fears that if AAP has done so much work then no one can stop them from winning.

CM kejriwal hinted at contesting elections on all the lok sabha seats of delhi and said that the people of delhi have decided that AAP will win on all the seven seats. He said that I am sure that the people of punjab will give us a historic mandate. We will win all 13 lok sabha seats in Punjab.

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