In an unusual yet determined effort, residents of nekkonda railway station in warangal district buy train tickets every day without actually boarding the train. This unique initiative aims to prevent the cancellation of the only train that halts in their town. The nekkonda railway station, located in Narsampeta constituency, is the sole station serving the area, attracting people from the surrounding mandals.

Unfortunately, important trains heading to Tirupati, Hyderabad, Delhi, Shirdi, and other destinations do not currently make stops at this station, causing inconvenience for the local residents. Facing the threat of trains being cancelled due to low income, the community has taken matters into their own hands. local traders and donors have stepped forward to provide financial assistance for the cause. 

Despite their efforts, the railway authorities have stipulated that full halting services will only be continued if revenue is generated consistently for three months; otherwise, the train may face cancellation. Previously, the Padmavati Express (Secunderabad - Tirupati) had a stop at nekkonda but was subsequently cancelled. The Inter City Express from secunderabad to guntur temporarily halted its services due to the persistent requests of passengers.

In response to the challenges faced by the community, residents formed a whatsapp group named "Nekkonda Town Railway Tickets Forum," which has attracted 400 members. Through collective efforts, they have raised donations totaling Rs. 25,000. The daily purchase of railway tickets from nekkonda to various destinations is their way of demonstrating income to the station, hoping to secure additional train stops in their hometown railway station and safeguard its status as an essential transportation hub.

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