Reportedly the floor test of the nda government is to be held in bihar on 12th February. cm nitish kumar will place a confidence motion in the assembly which will be discussed and then he will answer on it later. Meanwhile, there is a lot of commotion in the state. JDU called a meeting before the floor test in which some leaders were not present, due to which speculations intensified. On the other hand, from the opposition side, Tejashwi Yadav had claimed that 'Khela will be played', on which JDU mla Gopal Mandal said that there will be no game, all our MLAs will be present in the assembly tomorrow (Monday).

Meanwhile on the absence of some MLAs in the JDU meeting, Gopal Mandal said, "Two-three MLAs did not come to the meeting. They are in touch with us. Nothing is going to be played.'' Bima Bharti was also missing from this meeting. When asked about him, Gopal Mandal said that Bima Bharti is at his home. She will be in the assembly in the morning. bihar Minister Vijay Kumar said, "Two-three MLAs were not there, but those who were not there had duly informed the party that due to some reasons they could not come today." Regarding the floor test, he said, ' 'CM nitish kumar will move a confidence motion in the House. The opposition leader will speak on this, then the leaders of various parties will speak, then the government will respond and finally voting will be conducted.

Moreover Saffron mla shalini Mishra also could not attend the JDU meeting. There were reports going around that she might leave the party. But shalini herself replied that she had gone to delhi for some work and had informed the party about it. Rumors are being spread about him. On the other hand, upendra Kushwaha, on the rumors floating about the absence of MLAs, said that people have other commitments and hence they might not have come. While attacking Tejashwi Yadav, he said that he does not trust his MLAs. He only says to say that he must have played. A game is going to be played at their place, hence the MLAs have been kept imprisoned.

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