There has been a huge increase in the prices of garlic in the country. Meanwhile, in Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh, farmers are looking very alert in view of the rising prices of garlic. Adopting a unique solution, the farmers here have now installed CCTV cameras in their fields so that they can protect their crops from thieves. The price of garlic in the market is skyrocketing, reaching an all-time high of Rs 400 to Rs 500 per kg, which is causing both happiness and trouble among the farmers.

Farmers are very happy with the increase in the price of their crops, while on the other hand there is also a fear of it being stolen. Farmers have installed CCTV cameras in their fields to protect their high-cost crops from theft. Farmers are feeling some peace after the installation of CCTV. The amazing thing is that these CCTV cameras run on solar energy.

CCTV cameras installed in garlic fields

A farmer named rahul Deshmukh, who cultivates garlic, said that he had invested Rs 25 lakh in garlic cultivation in about 13 acres. Now after selling garlic in the market, we have got a huge return of about Rs 1 crore. Deshmukh told the media on sunday (February 18) - "I had planted garlic on 13 acres of land, in which I have spent a total of Rs 25 lakh, till now I have sold the crop worth Rs 1 crore, while more crops are being harvested." He further said that the cheap price of solar powered cameras helped them a lot in protecting crops from theft. He said, "I have used solar energy in my farm and have also installed mobile CCTV cameras for the security of the crops. 3 cameras have been installed to monitor the garlic crop grown in 4 acres."

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