"The destination is reached by those who have life in their dreams, nothing happens with just wings, they fly with courage." Many people must have read and heard these lines of a poet, but 49 year old single resident of Jabalpur. Mother seema Aggarwal has proved this very well. He has proved on many occasions that any success can be achieved on the strength of courage. seema Aggarwal, an amateur cyclist, has traveled thousands of kilometers so far.

seema Aggarwal is now going to travel about 2500 kilometers from jabalpur to Kathmandu by bicycle. However, seema Aggarwal is a single mother. Her three daughters support their mother at every step. This is the reason why seema is going on a cycle journey alone from jabalpur to Kathmandu via Ayodhya. seema Aggarwal's cycle journey will start from the high court intersection of jabalpur on 20th February.

Have traveled 4500 kilometers by bicycle

seema Agarwal, an Ayurvedic doctor by profession, told that before this she had done Narmada Parikrama twice on bicycle and once from kashmir to Kanyakumari, a distance of about 4500 kilometers. seema Aggarwal told in a conversation with ABP Live that during her journey, she would go to small villages and educate women about the evils like purdah, polygamy, sati, neglectful treatment of widows, casteism, communalism and dowry.

Will give this special message to the society

Referring to the difficulties in her personal life, seema Aggarwal said that women should be self-reliant. seema Agarwal, who entered alone with three daughters, was abandoned by her husband. Since then, seema Aggarwal has been passionate about reaching every corner of the country on bicycle and awakening women against any kind of harassment they face. seema Agarwal is doing a wonderful job by coming up with a beautiful idea.

Many people like his idea and are also praising him a lot. Let us tell you that single mother seema Aggarwal is going on a bicycle trip to nepal via Ayodhya. During this, she is giving the message of eliminating evils like dowry from the society.

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