JDU's chief national spokesperson and advisor KC Tyagi had given the statement that 'both political parties and people are Paltu Ram. On this statement, in Gaya today on Sunday, former bihar cm Jitan ram Manjhi said that no political party is Paltu ram and there is no question of the public being Paltu Ram. This is the system of democracy of india that all kinds of things happen in the world, but the voters of india have become very mature, the voters vote very wisely. Therefore, if the voters of bihar and india talk about Paltu ram, then I think there is something wrong in their understanding.

'Changing party is a matter of public interest'

Jitan ram Manjhi said that as far as leaders and people are concerned, we have to say about the leader that if special things are happening somewhere due to which the society is suffering losses, then if the leader takes a decision then his decision is not called wrong. Maybe once or twice. cm Mahamaya had said 50 years ago that even if we have to change party 50 times in public interest, we will change party 50 times. Changing party is a matter of public interest.

'It would be better if KC Tyagi wears white glasses'

Further, the former deputy cm said that as far as selfishness is concerned, one will see what one sees. If you wear black glasses then everyone will look black. Casey Tyagi should not wear goggles like that, it would be better if he wears white glasses.

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