Big news has come regarding seat sharing between Samajwadi party and Congress. congress has placed a demand of 17 seats before the Samajwadi Party. Samajwadi party has sent a letter to the congress President on the demand of 17 seats. No reply has come from congress yet. Samajwadi party has asked to wait till today. As per the demand of congress, SP is ready to field candidates on 17 seats. If sources are to be believed, if congress does not give any reply today then akhilesh yadav can take an important decision regarding alliance in UP. Sources claim that if the reply is not received on Monday, the Samajwadi party will not cooperate in Rahul's justice journey. On the same day when akhilesh yadav had given 11 seats, Kharge had said that we need 17 seats, akhilesh yadav gave the list of 17 seats after Jayant's departure.

Kharge kept the list with himself?

It is claimed that after this, congress National President mallikarjun Kharge kept the list given by Akhilesh and did not consider it. Then when pressure started being created from the congress to join the Nyay yatra, Akhilesh again joined the Congress. There was a discussion with the high command and Akhilesh again gave the list of 17 to Kharge this morning. In such a situation, Akhilesh was told that by 1 o'clock everything will be finalized and the list will be given as to where they will fight.

If sources are to be believed, Akhilesh says that if you get the stage shared in the Nyaya yatra and then if you increase the demand for your seat tomorrow, our situation will be worse and when you have asked for 17 seats instead of 11, we still gave you the list. Why are you not sending it? Sources claim that the matter is also stuck regarding Moradabad, the seat won by Samajwadi Party. congress is demanding the seat won by Samajwadi party from Moradabad. priyanka gandhi Vadra has put pressure for this. On Akhilesh Yadav's statement regarding Bharat Jodo Nyay yatra, congress President mallikarjun Kharge said, 'Everything will be fine. There is no problem.'

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