Regarding Swami prasad Maurya, who is said to be angry with the Samajwadi party in Uttar Pradesh, sources claim that he can form a new party. congress has given the first reaction to this decision of Swami prasad Maurya. congress leader Rashid Alvi said, 'It is an internal matter of Samajwadi party that who lives in their place, who goes and who forms their own party. congress party has nothing to do with this. Earlier, on the statement of Samajwadi party chief akhilesh yadav, Samajwadi party leader Swami prasad Maurya said, 'His government is neither in the center nor in the state, it is not in the capacity to give anything. Whatever he has given, I will return it with respect. For me, it is not the position but the thought that matters. Congratulations to akhilesh yadav for what he said.

Swami made this claim

Regarding the new party, Swamy said, 'There will be a gathering of workers in delhi on february 22 and the verdict will be announced on the same day. When there is discrimination in the organization itself, every statement of a national general secretary becomes personal. When there is discrimination in the post itself and I fight against discrimination, then what is the justification for holding such a post? Therefore, mentioning all the details, I had sent a letter of resignation to the National President on 13th, he did not consider it appropriate to talk, hence I am taking steps forward. Now the workers will decide what to do.

On the other hand, SP leader akhilesh yadav also commented on the discussions of the new party. Former UP cm said on the discussions of Swami prasad Maurya forming another party, what is in anyone's mind? Which machine will tell this? Everyone walks away taking the benefits. He said that 2024 is an election to save the Constitution, an election to save the future of this country. The responsibility of socialist people is huge because bjp has cheated the poor the most.

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