delhi bjp President Virendra Sachdeva has once again attacked delhi cm arvind kejriwal after chief minister arvind kejriwal did not attend the ED summons. He said, "According to Article 174 of the IPC, the court accepts the summons of ED. Despite this, cm kejriwal calling it illegal is contempt of the court. Virendra Sachdeva said, the issue with him is that he is not able to accept the fact that he was involved in the scam. The investigating agencies are doing their work and soon arvind kejriwal will have to reveal the truth to the people.

cm has a lot to answer for

Earlier, bjp national spokesperson Shehzad Poonawala had said, 'By not participating in the inquiry, it is clear that he has something to hide. It would be appropriate that he joins the interrogation as per the summons of ED. On the contrary, they are calling the ED summons illegal. He said that congress party leaders are also saying that you have a lot of questions to answer in the liquor scam.

The question arises whether congress people are also taking revenge from him. Before coming into politics, delhi cm arvind kejriwal used to say that after being accused of corruption, the first minister should resign, but despite calling himself staunchly honest, he is running away from investigation. His method is not correct from any point of view.

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