Reportedly before the lok sabha elections, while on one hand the worsening equations between parties and leaders are making headlines, on the other hand in Uttar Pradesh, Bhim army Chief Chandrashekhar and Samajwadi party National President akhilesh yadav have cornered the Yogi government on the same issue. Meanwhile both the leaders have cornered the yogi adityanath government of the state, raising questions on the integrity of the competitive examinations conducted by the Commission and other institutions in UP. Both have made serious allegations against the yogi government. SP leader and former UP cm akhilesh yadav raised the issue of alleged leak in the UP police examination. Wrote on social media site If this is so, then the government should promise that all the people who get 100% marks will be considered eligible for the job, whether it is 1 lakh or 10 lakh.

Furthermore Akhilesh wrote Because about 5 people of one family are associated with one candidate. That is why this examination is a blatant fraud on 2.5 crore people from families belonging to 50 lakh candidates. These 2.5 crore people of Uttar Pradesh will defeat BJP. Former cm of UP wrote In the same UP which bjp is considering as the safest for elections, the unemployed young men and women and their families will taste the biggest and worst defeat of BJP.

Moreover Bhim army Chief Chandrashekhar wrote - Announcing a big recruitment before the elections and then getting the recruitment stuck due to various reasons, is an attempt of the bjp governments to mislead the youth. He wrote - Once again the paper of the same police recruitment which was publicized as the biggest recruitment before the elections (Lok Sabha) got leaked! Chandreshkhar alleged that the government which is not able to protect one paper, how will it be able to protect the entire people of the state, leaking of paper is playing with the future of the youth and a big question on the Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh.

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