"Putin killed my husband" - Alexei Navalny's wife's allegations..!?

"Three days ago, Vladimir Putin killed my husband Alexei Navalny," Yulia Navalnaya said, choking back tears, in a video speech released today Monday. Prison officials said Alexei Navalny suddenly fell to his death while taking a walk at a prison colony in Karp, about 2,000 miles (1,200 kilometers) northeast of Moscow, inside the Arctic Circle. However, in the video released today, Alexey's wife claimed that Putin killed her husband. "Her husband Alexey died in the Artic prison colony after three years of imprisonment and many tortures," the post said.
Yulia Navalnaya, who has stood by her husband's side for more than a decade in the fight against Russian President Putin, has vowed to continue her work. "The most important thing we can do for alex and for ourselves is to fight more confidently and harder than before," she said."We must seize every opportunity to fight against war, against corruption, against injustice, for fair elections, for freedom of speech, and to fight for the recovery of our country," she said. She has also vowed to expose her husband's killers."We know why Putin killed Alexei three days ago. We will definitely find out who committed this crime and how they did it. We will mention their names and show their faces," she hinted in her speech. Russian authorities have so far refused to hand over Navalny's body to his mother and lawyer, further angering his supporters who said the move was a move by "murderers" to "cover their tracks", Alexei's wife said.

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