Reportedly the Enforcement Directorate on monday has called chief minister arvind kejriwal to join the inquiry in the delhi Excise Policy case. Recently ED had issued summons to him for the sixth time. Before this, cm arvind kejriwal had refused to appear before the ED five times. However, after the ED filed a writ in this regard in the Rouse Avenue court, he appeared through video conferencing on february 17. He also said that he will personally appear in the court on the next date. On the other hand, neither the party nor the cm office has given any official information regarding whether he will participate in the talks today on the summons of EP. This is the reason why even today there is suspense regarding his appearance before the ED.

Meanwhile let us tell you that ED had for the first time issued summons to cm arvind kejriwal on november 2, 2023 in the delhi Excise Policy case. For the second time, summons were sent to him on 21 December. For the third time, ED had issued summons on 3 january and for the fourth time on 13 January. For the fifth time, after much controversy, ED had issued summons on 31 January. The Enforcement Directorate issued summons for the sixth time and asked to join the interrogation today i.e. on 19 february 2024. Every time till now he has refused to appear.

Perhaps delhi cm every time refuses to participate in the inquiry into the delhi Excise Policy matter. He says that first the ED should answer in what capacity it wants to call me. What information does ED want to get? What do I have to do with this matter? cm also says that ED's summons is illegal and unconstitutional. At present, everyone's eyes are on whether the cm appears before the ED this time too or not.

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