The wrestling match between international wrestler and actor Sangram Singh and Pakistani player Mohammad Saeed is going to be held in dubai on the 24th.

Two-time Commonwealth Heavyweight champion Sangram Singh will return to the world of wrestling after 7 years at the Pro Wrestling championship in dubai on the 24th. He will face Pakistan's Mohammad Saeed in the match on that day. The match will be played at the Shabab Al-Ahli Stadium in Dubai.

Wrestler Sangram Singh Exclusive Interview:

He gave an exclusive interview to Asianet news Hindi ahead of the upcoming Pro Wrestling championship in dubai on 24th. In this, his wrestling journey is discussed. Here are the highlights of that conversation…

What are your preparations for the tournament on 24th?

I am back after 7 years. Pakistani wrestler Mohammad Saeed is currently 22-23 years old and is playing amateur wrestling for his country. I have done my best for the competition. "My mission is to inspire millions of kids, when I play at 40, they too can do something with their lives," he said.

I played for my country in the 96kg weight category. I also participated in WWE and professional wrestling. In the early days, there was no money for wrestling matches. But now they give medals and prizes.

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