At the same time, I was the first wrestler to work on various tv shows like bigg boss and take him from the arena to 5 stars. Coming back to wrestling. That's because it's a gentleman's game.

 He came back to wrestling to inspire the youth. Many boys and girls play wrestling matches. If a child comes from a village and plays with an outside wrestler, he gets not only a name but also a job.

The wrestling center organized wrestling matches at Varanasi, hyderabad and Faridabad. But this year the wrestling championship will be held in dubai on 24th. In this, wrestlers come from all over the world. Another reason why I wrestle is that no one should think of playing cricket like kohli and Sachin anymore.

What led you to come to professional wrestling from being a wrestler, what is the difference between the two?

I used to wrestle. Now I'm a pro. It has an Olympic rule. Also has high endurance and strength. A pro wrestling match has more rounds than an Olympic match. The aim is to attract more viewers.

What is the future of professional wrestling?

When professional boxing started they said boxing had no future. But most left the olympics and joined professional boxing. Everything has a future. The intention must be right.

I don't eat non-vegetarian food. I only do work and exercise. Do not eat on non-exercise days. I do yoga and pranayama. I believe that you can stay fit by working out everyday and eating simple foods.

Eat less food only. Drink more water. Do the exercise 3 times. Eat foods rich in protein and vitamins.

What do you eat in the morning and evening?

Everyday I start with gayatri Mantra in the morning and chant Hanuman Salisa mantra at night when I go to sleep. I drink fruit or juice in the morning. I will take dry fruits. In the afternoon I have pulses, vegetables, yogurt or buttermilk, salad and bread. Apart from this I eat ghee. In the evening, I sometimes have soup, porridge or khichdi. I drink jaggery in milk before going to bed at night.

Will not use LIF. I climb stairs 3-4 floors daily. I exercise daily for 2 to 3 hours. I sleep for 6 hours. I try to get out of bed before sunrise.

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