First: If the consumer has not paid the bill for two to five years, then the two correct bills received during this period will be considered correct. After calculating its average, the bill for the remaining months will be taken on the same basis.

Second: This is neighborhood policy. If someone does not have a water meter, then in that case an average bill of one month will be charged from a house of the same size in his street. After this, his bill will be collected on the same basis. If someone's average bill is 20 thousand litres, then his entire bill will be waived off. Whereas in case of excess, the remaining bill will be taken after excluding penalty and interest. With this, the Water Board will also start receiving water bills of 10.50 lakh consumers.

Pretending to waive water bill

During the discussion regarding the One Time Settlement Scheme of delhi Jal Board, leader of Opposition Ramveer Singh Bidhuri fiercely attacked the delhi Government. He said that the delhi government first sends bills worth lakhs to the public and now it is pretending to forgive. When this plan is not implemented, the blame is placed on the officials.

Root cause of flow meter malfunction

delhi bjp State President Virendra Sachdeva says that as soon as it came to power in 2015, the AAP government had started giving air flow meters to new consumers, exactly contrary to its promise. Today more than ten lakh consumers are facing irregularities in their bills due to flow meters.

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